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One of the many day trips that we have recommended to our guests and a trip we still make ourself is a visit to a typical Catalan mountain village called beget.

Beget is situated at the western extreme of l'Alta Garrotxa is 541 meters above sea level. In 1969 it was incorporated in the village of Camprodon (Ripollès) thanks to the good communication with the neighboring territory.

The core, surrounded by forests of holm oak and oak, is found at the bottom of the valley, alongside the streams of Rocabruna and Can França. Enjoy a mild climate in the winter and a warm one in the summer.
The houses were built with rocks of the zone and Arabian tiles with wooden balconies. These make up narrow streets and, in some parts, with slopes. The two medieval bridges, duly restored, deserve a special mention. Thanks to their dimensions, it is not possible to circulate with cars through the heart of the town.

The church of Sant Cristòfor (Saint Christopher) is a clear example of Romanesque architecture. It was declared as a national monument in the year 1931 and has the “Majestat de Beget” inside.

If the church is closed and you would like to visit it the key can be picked up at the house in front of the church.



Route to beget:

Drive from Besalu to Olot until you encounter the town Castafollit de la Roca (you can visit this village if you want)

Arriving at Castellfollit de la Roca you take the route towards Oix. You are now on a mountain road, fully paved which will lead you through beautiful mountain scenery of the lower Pyrenees.
You'll see that the vegetation will change. You will pass meadows, forests and streams while the road climbs. Nature is varied with lots of flowers and birds and the more you go into the direction of beget, the more cows and goats on the road you will encounter. You see old farmhouses, nestled in the picturesque countryside.
Depending on your speed, it will take 1.5 to 2 hours to get to Beget by car. From Oix the road to beget is indicated.

At your arrival in the village you can easily park your car just outside the village. Its not possible to drive your car into the village. When the weather is nice you can have lunch on the terrace of Can Jeroni, a restaurant in the village that has a beautiful terrace overlooking the river and the valley

You can enjoy a nice lunch with prices, slightly higher than in less touristy places, but still very affordable.
A little further on is another restaurant called El Forn. This hotel restaurant has a terrace that is less spectacular, but the food is very good. In an authentic Catalan atmosphere you can have a meal on a covered terrace on the riverside and enjoy local cuisine.

If you go back to Besalu you can take the same route, or you can go in the direction of Camprodon

vall de nuria


Vall de Núria in the Ripollès region.


A whole world of experiences from the start.

The mountain resort of Vall de Núria, with a unique wealth of nature and landscape, is located in the Eastern Pyrenees, within the municipal area of Queralbs. It sits above one of the highest points of the Ribes Valley and is surrounded by peaks of almost 3,000 metres from which flow a multitude of water sources and torrents.

In this spectacular mountain landscape we use an unusual form of transport: the rack railway. It covers a distance of 12.5 km and takes you up an incline of over 1000 metres.

Under the management of the Catalan Railways Tourism and Mountain Division, there is always taken great care in the upkeep of this wealth of natural heritage, introducing and maintaining an environmental management system in all the activities that have been developed. 

Discover an unparalleled environment where the waters of the Núria river can only run its course thanks to the deep narrow gorges that have been cut through this hard rock, until you arrive at the valley of the Freser, a river which flows into the great Ter at Ripoll.

Sanctuary of the Virgin of Núria.


Núria is a popular place of pilgrimage. Sited at an altitude of almost 2000 metres, it provides not just a natural shelter among the high peaks, but also a spiritual oasis whose history can be traced to ancient origins and traditions. It is the ideal space in which to organise retreats and periods for meditation and prayer.
The priests and the team that look after the sanctuary are at your service to provide a haven of spirituality, with a solemn participative liturgy and the added atmosphere of organ music.

This trip is also nice for a day sightseeing on your holiday. From besalu you drive to Ribes de freser. here you can buy a trainticket that will take you to the sanctuary of vall de Nurai. If you like to walk we can recommend the trail that goes from nuria back to Ribes de freser (on your way down it is possible to take the train again) For trained walkers this route will take about 3 hours.

In winter this valley is also a ski resort!


vall de nuria in wintertime
vall de nuria in wintertime

ski resort valter 2000

vall de nuria
vall de nuria


Vall de nuria in summer
Vall de nuria in summer



Inland, there are many exciting sports and activities that are guaranteed to provide non-stop pulse-pumping fun and action. There are many government-approved adventure sports organizations and companies that offer a whole series of organized sporting and outdoor activities. Most importantly, these activities are guaranteed to be supervised by expert professional staff.

Thanks to the rugged landscapes and wilderness, Catalonia has a burgeoning active tourism industry. For the daring, the land calls out with the lure of a pure adrenalin rush. 

Pallars Sobirà - expands from south to north from the Gorge of Collegats to the Alt Àneu area. Following the course of the Noguera Pallaresa River.

Most of this region is protected a nature reserve, with the National Park of Aigues Tortes and Sant Maurici lake, a Natural Park with the high Pyrenees. The highest peak is located also in this area, Pica d'Estats with a 3143 meters high, and we will find also here the largest lake of the Pyrenees, called Certascan.

Capital of Pallars Sobirà is the town Sort

And along with all this spectacular surroundings, there are plenty of options to enjoy outdoor activities, such as: white water Rafting, Canyoning, Hydrospeed, kayaking courses, open-kayak or canoeing in the river, 

From Besalu it will take 3 hours to drive in the direction of Andorra. It is a beautiful road which gives you a good impression of the Pyrenees. If you like adventure then the rafting or canoeing a thing that will make you happy!!






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