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Although Girona itself is known for its old city and its historic monument and the province of girona has many nice medieval villages, we recommend you also to enjoy the natural beauty that can be discovered. A wide range of activities are offered to discover all facets of the area, which holds many surprises. Trails and hiking activities, running, cycling, kayaking, hot-air balloon ride or jeep safari´s, all of which allows everyone to find happiness.

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There are several places close to Mas Pitra were you can go horseriding.

At the Hipica, Can Genassa Riding Club, Maià de Montcal, you can ride outside for about an hour with a guide. This hipica is close to Besalú and lies between the counties of La Garrotxa and Alt Empordà.


For the younger ones there is a hipica called Falgas, in mieres (the centre of the Garrotxa nature park) were they can ride smaller horses.


At Mas Pitra we also do have horses, however there are not all used to other people. Our haflinger Noah can be riden by children if there is time.


Go and enjoy the experience of flying in a hot-air balloon over La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, one of the most interesting areas of dormant volcanoes in Europe.

A flight in a hot-air balloon is a different way of travelling – float in the air in pure peace and quiet and enjoy the feeling of absolute freedom, of perfect stillness, of adventure.

Ideal for nature-lovers and for those searching for new sensations, a hot-air balloon flight gives you a 360º bird’s-eye view of the landscape below.

On clear days, the views stretch from Montserrat to the Mediterranean Sea, with the Pyrenees omnipresent in the background and the dormant volcanoes below.


The activity begins bright and early in the morning (in the summer at 07.00, in spring and autumn at 07.30 and in winter at 08.00), starting from Santa Pau

Enjoy a cup of coffee on us as you watch us prepare the balloon.

The wind will decide our flight path and in all we will be in the air for between 1 h and 1h 30 min (approx.)
During the flight we will drink a toast in pink cava, which symbolizes the colour of the volcanoes below, and try a slice of coca de llardons, a delicious local savoury cake.


When you are back from your flight you will be able to enjoy a hearty cooked breakfast of bread and tomato, Santa Pau haricot beans and botifarra (the Catalan national dish!), desserts from Cooperativa la Fageda, wine and ratafia, a local herbal liquor.


A very exciting way to discover La Garrotxa!


Mountain biking is a very popular sport among the Catalans. Throughout the province you will find many special routes for mountain bikers. A map of these routes is available for you in every tourist office. If you like you can start directly from Mas Pitra.


It is a sport where you navigate a stretch of a river in a dinghy or raft, with other crew members, following the orders given by the guide or the responsible of the boat.

It is a widely accepted practice because it has many factors that ensure you a good time: an unknown or rare place, a sport team with the necessary involvement of each of the components, good deal of excitement and adrenaline and, of course, an important part of improvisation, by the guide, that makes each descent different than the one before.


In Sort, which is a very nice town in the higher pyrenees (about a 2 hours drive from Mas Pitra) you can go rafting over the Fluvia river. Especially in spring, when there is a lot of water coming from the mountains, that makes the river  pretty wild.


In the area of Santa Pau, one of the most beautiful medieval villages of this region, there are several old volcanoes.  From Santa Pau you can join a jeep safari that takes you to the most beautiful places of the Garrotxa nature park.


Around the volcanoes there are also many routes for walking.



There is a huge variety of climbing and bouldering to be found in this area, with everything from steep limestone gorges, tall pinnacles of rock to sports climbing in a mountainous environment and sandstone boulders. 

The sadernes area is only 15 minutes from Mas Pitra

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